Joan Chittister: Her story, my story, our story

Joan Chittister: Her story, my story, our story

Joan Chittister: Her story, my story, our storyJoan Chittister: Her story, my story, our storyJoan Chittister: Her story, my story, our story




United Solo Theatre Festival 2020 Selected Joan Chittister The Play for a NYC Performance


at Theatre Row Studios

410  West  42nd  Street ,  NYC


SAVE THE DATE: September 19, Saturday at 4:30pm

Tickets  are  expected  to  go  on  sale  in  April.                    Details  will  be  here and on  the                           United  Solo  Theatre  site

Joan Chittister: The Play

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Joan Chittister: Her story, my story, our story


Joan Chittister

A Benedictine Sister of Erie, Joan is an international speaker and leader in peace and social justice issues, most especially for women.  Sister Joan has written over sixty books, most recently The Time Is Now.  She has appeared on CBS, NPR and most recently on Oprah Winfrey's SuperSoul Sunday.  Joan is the co-founder of the Women's Global Peace Initiative.


Joan D. Chittister Lecture/Event hosted Play

Joan Chittister  invited  Teri  to  perform  the  play  on  May  3,  2019  at  the  Performing  Arts  Center,  

Mercyhurst  University  

as  her  guest  for  the  Joan  D.  Chitttister  Lecture/Event  Series.    

Joan’s  surprise  entrance  for  a  portion  of  the  play’s  final  speech and  a  standing  ovation of nearly  700  attending,  made  for  an  exciting  evening!



Teri Bays

A singer, writer and actress, Teri has starred in numerous theatrical productions including performances at The Duplex in NYC.  Teri was a pastoral musician for over 40 years, wrote Through Stained Glass: the priests of my life and has recorded two CDs.  She lives in beautiful Sedona, AZ, where she writes her blog: Pasta, Presence and a Parrot.  Click here to read:

Joan D. Chittister Lecture/Event Series, May 2019

About the Play


A one-woman play and true story, Teri Bays, playwright and actress, portrays two women: herself and a radical nun, overcoming adversity, domestic abuse and injustice.  Threads of their universal stories are woven around the strength and weakness of their mothers, their father's relationship with alcohol and an often unjust church.  Joan takes on the Vatican, inspiring women, including Teri, who works in the church. Eventually, through humor and heartbreak along the way, we discover how Teri and Joan are connected to one another.


  • women
  • domestic abuse
  • our mothers
  • institutional sinfulness 
  • overcoming adversity
  • social justice
  • women's ordination
  • interfaith
  • life

A one-woman play about two women


Scenes, portions of Joan's letters, books and speeches are used to further the story of her life.  


Portions of wisdom are delivered from the podium  until we hear the genius and humor of Joan's keynote address, an inspiring call to action.

Teri Bays performing Joan Chittister The Play

  Funny, heartbreaking, defining moments....


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