The Space

What do you need?

  • a space with a wireless lavelier or wireless headset
  • 2-3 chairs, a small table, a podium with shelf or music stand  and side table
  • Good general lighting 
  • Flyers: click below for full page or half size flyers--some with editable fields so you can just enter your own details.
  • Copy Program: click below for file
  • Optional screen/projector for images






Is there another organization, church, school in your area --within 2-3 hour driving distance--that may be interested in sharing the performance or travel costs?  


Tickets Setting a ticket price reflects value.  Some organizations have set a low ticket price for greater attendance. 

Love Offering A great way to off-set expenses.  

At the Door  If you have the means to sell tickets ahead of time, that's great or just collect the fee at the door. 

Suggested Donation eliminates ticket sales.  

Collection A great time to fund a charity or cause, following the play.  

Ticket/Love Offering  Combined options can off-set costs and contribute to a cause.


The usual stipend is $1500.  Only $500. of that stipend is required to hold the performance date.  The balance of $1000. is due after the performance along with reimbursed travel expenses.

If you are interested and this stipend is prohibitive, please call to discuss alternatives.

There is more flexibility if there is more than one performance in an area.  

We like Emily Dickinson's words,  “All,  but  death,  can  be  adjusted.”    So  please talk  to  us  about  your  specific needs or financial situation.

Marketing Assistance

We would like to help you.  Besides links to flyers, we are happy to post information about your upcoming performance here on this site!  Tell us all the details regarding address, ticket price and contact person and we will publish it here and on Social Media!

Not sure?

Talk to us!  We can provide ideas and resources to help you bring Joan Chittister The Play to your area.


What's Next?

Set a date and time


Talk to Teri about possible times that will work for you.....




The $500. deposit secures a performance date and is used to cover initial travel expenses, if necessary.  This is the only up-front money that is required to hold the date.

$1000. balance plus reimbursed travel due upon conclusion of play. 

(Count the ticket money!)

Letter of Agreement


A simple and clear agreement clearly covers all the detail.  Deposit is usually sent with copy.


Contact newspapers, friends, family, churches, organizations and social media.  Your performance inf

See below to access downloads:



Spread the news


Contact newspapers, friends, family, churches, organizations and social media.  Your performance information can be posted on this website as well.

Flyers & Programs

The back side of these flyers are blank and organizations can use them for performance date / time / place and other information.

Customizable flyers allow all performance information to be printed on one side of the flyer.